In the Days of Yore (a blog)

Learning from the past can be laughable. CockBloq's blog, In the Days of Yore, takes a snarky, modern look at stories from the past, highlighting what we've learned—or haven't.

We correctly predicted that we'd be wearing phones and radios (1930s)

A promotional video from the 1930s depicts fashion predictions for the year 2000.

Removable sleeves on dresses?! Hm, nope, that never caught on. Transparent knit? Definitely! Skirts disappearing entirely and women wearing pants? Half accurate! Cantilevered heels? Yep! Electric belts to adapt our bodies to climatic changes (or an office that is over-air-conditioned because many men are still dumb and wear pants and long sleeves in the summer)? Nope. An electric headlamp to help a lady find an honest man? While we do have headlamps, they don’t do squat when it comes to screening out the fuckboys.

For the men, there were predictions of a getup that had an old-fashioned telephone in the middle of the chest (awkward), a radio with an antenna on the head (even more awkward), and a belt with containers for coins and “candies for cuties.” Um, wat? Sounds creepy AF.

Fortunately, our radios and phones are now the size of a watch, and it’s much less socially acceptable for creepos to run about handing out candy to “cuties.”